Bowling Tips

While we are providing Bowling Tips to improve your game the most important thing to remember is that fundamentals are always a winner. If all fails go back to basics. Slow down, take your time on every delivery, be consistent, and most important don’t get frustrated and start making changes just to change.

Be sure to check our Blog over the next few weeks as we add 10 Helpful Tips for Improving your bowling game.

If you are a serious bowler

If you are a serious bowler, you probably have at least 2 or more bowling balls. You also know that Premium bowling balls can dent the wallet for more than $200.00 dollars. Even with this significant investment there are still bowlers who leave the lanes toss their bag in the trunk. There it sits until the next time they bowl, big mistake.

This is not only bad for the bowling balls; it also does not allow you the opportunity to properly maintain your equipment. In the cold winter months your fingers will be very cold until the ball warms up. Michigan also has some extremely cold conditions and bowling balls have been known to crack because of it.

In a the hot summer months tape in finger holes can melt. If this happens you have a real mess as it will be very sticky, and hard to clean out.

We advise a simple but smart routine. Keep your bowling equipment in the house or at least a heated garage. Each time, before you bowl we suggest cleaning the surface of your bowling ball with either rubbing alcohol or a commercially available ball cleaning liquid. If the ball has a dull surface, you may want to wash it in warm water using “dutch cleanser” and a “scotch brite pad” the abrasives in the cleanser will actually restore the dull finish and allow the ball to react to the lanes as it is supposed to. If the ball has a polished finish, I would use the product recommended by the ball manufacturer to refinish the ball or just use the polishing machine at Apollo Lanes to refinish or shine your ball. You will only need to do this when necessary because excessive use could be a bad thing. Over time excessive use of polishing services may allow wax to build up and adversely effect ball performance.

Properly maintaining your bowling balls, allows them to react to the lane conditions as they are intended and as you expect them too. You should bowl better and your equipment will last longer.

New bowlers

This bowling tip is probably one of the least noticed problems to new bowlers. Every bowler has their own bowling style and rhythm that they approach the foul line with, however we all start out at the same place getting there is with that first step. After that first step we are off to go. It may be good or bad , fast or slow but we will all stop before crossing the line or our attempt was all for nothing.

Now why should we waste an attempt or continue to rush to get the ball passed the line? This is bowling it’s not a race, you don’t get extra points for being the fastest to the line. The first step to fixing our rushing to the line is exactly at that “The first step”. I said we weren’t in a race to get to the line, So start out by taking your first step slowly and then gradually increase your rhythm or tempo on your way towards the line. If you are doing this correctly you should have a feeling that you are behind the bowling ball and have control of it, not the other way around. You should not feel the bowling ball forcing you to deliver it because of the heaviness and its momentum.

If you need an example think of driving a car. Let’s say you are driving on wet pavement on your way to the bowling center. You see a stop sign so what should you do? The proper way to approach this sign is slow and smooth stopping steady and strong so you don’t slide past. If you’re rushing to the line incorrectly, you would feel like a car trying to stop 2 feet before the stop sign and sliding violently through the stop sign out of control. This is something you have to practice but in time you will get it right. Now the next time you go bowling think of this bowling tip and it should be a lot easier to fix it.

Always remember to take your time. It’s always easier to speed up your delivery than it will be to slow it down in a split second.