Apollo Bowling Alley

apollo-16-american-flag-salute-john-young When we say we take pride in being your Neighborhood Bowling Center we mean it because we are IN the neighborhood. Located on the corner of Eastland St and Gratiot Avenue Apollo Bowling Center has been part of the Roseville, Michigan family since 1969. Yes, that is the same year Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and Yes again it was the inspiration for the name. So you can say we were doing Cosmic bowing decades before it became the cool thing to do.

We may not be the biggest Bowling Center but we strive to be the best. Apollo’s 14 lanes create an intimate atmosphere which is perfect for a family day, couples night party or group of friends looking for a regular place to hang out.
One of the benefits of being smaller is that we can focus our attention on the customer, cleanliness and upkeep. What you will see is a clean well run operation focused on the small details and making sure our customers enjoy themselves. Check out more at paper_due_now.com

Proprietor Jerry Iezzi purchased Apollo Bowling Center and it’s partner business izzy’s Bar and Grill in 1989. Both establishments are a family affair as Jerry and daughter Nicole run the daily operations. As a family run business Jerry and Nicole understand the importance of customer service and delivering value for your entertainment dollar. On the rare occasions you don’t find them greeting happy customers and working hard their loyal staff will take good care of you.

When you land at Apollo Bowling Center, the customer always comes first……