Game Tip #9

Your Game Tip #9 -Pay attention to the conditions and make adjustments. When you are bowling multiple games or in league play things are going to change. Are you taking into consideration the fact that the lanes may be running more later than they were at the beginning of the game? You may need to consider changing your line or target mark

Game Tip #8

Your Game Tip #8 -Simply Stated – “Don’t drop the ball on consistency”! Have you started dropping the ball before you get it out over the foul line? Or just as bad are you lofting the ball too far out over the foul line?

Game Tip #7

Your Game Tip #7 -Don’t overthink, trust your game. Are you pointing the ball into the headpin or trying to aim the ball rather than let it roll? If you try to steer the ball your elbow may be wandering from your body causing a side-arm or topping of the ball.

Game Tip #6

Your Game Tip #6 -Keep your eye on the target and follow through. Do you actually see the ball go over its target on the lane, or are you pulling off of the ball? Are you cutting short your follow-through?

Game Tip #5

Your Game Tip #5 -Check your release points. Are you releasing your thumb properly and is the ball going out over the board(s) you chose? Are your fingers clenched after the ball is delivered, or is your hand open?

Game Tip #4

Your Game Tip #4 -Don’t try to overpower the pins but don’t be afraid to mix them up either. You could be over or under throwing, it’s possible you have sped up or slowed down the ball without realizing it.

Game Tip #3

Your Game Tip #3 -Take a deep breath and remember to slow down. You could be rushing the line. Make sure your hips square to the line at delivery and you are sliding straight at the line.

Game Tip #2

Your Game Tip #2 -Have you Double Checked your starting position and finishing position.You may be drifting right or left and moved your starting position or target at the line without realizing it.

Game Tip #1

Your Game Tip #1 -Are you making sure your wrist is firm? Is your thumb on the inside pointing towards your usual thumb clock positions, such as 10 or 11 o’clock? Is your grip secure, firm but relaxed?

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